Reel Food: Essays on Food and Film

Author(s): Anne L. Bower
Date: 2004-10-06
Format: PDF
Language: English
ISBN10: 041597111X
ISBN13: 9780415971119

This is the first book devoted to food as a vibrant and evocative element of film. It reads various films through their uses of Food - from major "food films" like Babette's Feast and Big Night - to less obvious choices including The Godfather trilogy and The Matrix. The contributors draw attention to the various ways in which food is employed to make meaning in film. In some cases, such as
Soul Food and Tortilla Soup, food is used to represent racial and ethnic identities. In other cases, such as Chocolat and Like Water for Chocolate, food plays a role in gender and sexual politics. And, of course, there is also discussion of the centrality of popcorn to the movie-going experience. This book is a feast for scholars, "foodies," and cinema buffs. It will be of major interest to anyone working in popular culture, film studies, and food studies, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Anne Bower's Reel Food is an intellectual feast, where each essay serves a de

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